Temple Time
On Ordinery Days
5:00 AM to12.15 PM
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
On Special Days
5:00 AM to12.15 PM
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Main Vazhipadu
This abhishekam is offered for the prevention of diseases and to gain good health.
Charges - Rs.1250/-
Udayasthamana Pooja
This pooja is offered to fulfill any wish and for the general well-being.
Charges - Rs.6500./-
Paarvathy Parameswara Pooja
This pooja is performed to achieve a successful matrimony and to have a happy and prosperous married life.
Charges - Rs.30./-
This offering brings progeny, prosperity and happiness in the married life.
Charges - Rs.30/-
Navagarha Pooja
This is to satisfy the Navagrahas (The nine planets) which control the destiny of our life.
Charges - Rs.300/-
Pretha Verpaadu
This is performed to give freedom to the souls of our ancestors and release them from the earthly connections.(Moksha Prapthy).
Charges. Rs.300/-
Shathru Samhara Devi Pooja
This pooja is conducted to eliminate the enemies or to get protection from them.
Charges. Rs.300/-
Vella Nivedyam
This is one of the favourite offerings for Lord Shiva., which ensures general well-being of the devotee.
Swayamvara Manthra Pushpanjali
This pooja is performed to seek a good life-partner and to achieve a successful matrimony.
Mrithunjaya Maha Manthra Pushpanjali
This is offered to Lord Parameswara for his blessings for a long, healthy life and an easy death without any suffering.